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The IPI Video Segments are designed to inform, educate, and motivate viewers. They cover a variety of investor education and protection topics and include financial information from experts, answers to viewer questions, and feature stories from “real people.”

Learn About Investing Video Segments

Elder Investor Fraud: A National Epidemic

“Elder Investment Fraud: A National Epidemic” is a short video that addresses and explains the widespread problem of elder investment fraud and financial exploitation and explores some of the possible solutions. The video includes interviews with elder fraud victims, their families, doctors and caretakers in addition to representatives from the Pennsylvania Securities Commission.


Predatory Lending Scam Alert from MoneyTrack Episode 215 (2007)

Payday loans can be a fast route to bankruptcy for cash strapped service men and women. Learn about the California TAP$ program that helps these families.


Mr. Earl Top Story from MoneyTrack Episode 202 (2007)

Meet Mr. Earl, a parking lot attendant in Baltimore who has accumulated significant wealth through investing in high quality stocks.


Religious Affinity Fraud Scam Alert from MoneyTrack Episode 211 (2007)

Church members in New Mexico handed over their money to a trusted clergyman because they had faith that he was investing their savings for the greater good.


Annuities Scam Alert from MoneyTrack Episode 208 (2007)

An elderly Florida man is sold several annuities in a tax-deferred account. This is a case where the broker put his interests ahead of his client’s.


Elder Expert/Affinity Fraud Scam Alert from MoneyTrack Episode 204 (2007)

The Rawanos of California were among 129 senior citizens scammed out of their pensions for a total of ten million dollars by Jeff Butler, a “senior specialist.”


Damon Top Story from MoneyTrack Episode 214 (2007)

Damon Williams is a 14 year old investor with $50,000 already accumulated. Learn how he did it and the role his mother played in his investment strategy.


Affinity Fraud Scam Alert from MoneyTrack Episode 203 (2007)

Ruth and Len Mitchell were enjoying retirement until their trusted CPA and close friend talked them into a fraudulent investment scheme.


Investing 101—Why invest in the stock market? from MoneyTrack Episode 201 (2007)

Pam and Jack, with the help of legendary investor, John Bogle, provide an overview of the different kinds of investments and risk.


How to Choose a Financial Advisor from MoneyTrack Episode 215 (2007)

Pam introduces the different types of financial advisors, the pros and cons of each, their compensation and the importance of checking the background of your potential advisor before hiring him or her.