Investor Education in Your Workplace

IEiYW_logo_300pxInvestor Education in Your Workplace® provides investor education and protection to individuals in their workplace. IPI is collaborating with the Investor Protection Trust, State Securities Regulators and employers to provide online investor education and protection curriculum to employees in participating states.

The program was piloted with credit union employees and educators in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. The pilot programs have shown strong results including a 27% improvement in knowledge for teachers in Wisconsin and a 38% and 47% improvement in knowledge for credit union employees in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin respectively. More than 8,000 employees at 200 plus organizations finished 100,000 training hours during the pilot programs.

The program has now been expanded into 13 States. The Investor Education in Your Workplace® program provides 10 hours of online investor education and protection to at least 500 credit union employees in each participating State. As a key part of the project, the project team tracks data related to the participants’ engagement and success with the program. This data demonstrates quantitatively how an increase in investment knowledge can positively impact investment attitudes and behavior.

The course topics include: saving and investing, personal finance, investing basics, investment strategies, investment risks, retirement planning, retirement plan options, mutual funds, financial advisors and putting it all together.