Investor Protection Trust and Investor Protection Institute Recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day


JUNE 14, 2018 — In recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) on June 15, the Investor Protection Trust (IPT) and Investor Protection Institute (IPI) announce the expansion of the Elder Investment Fraud and Financial Exploitation (EIFFE) Prevention Program. In 2018 IPT and IPI will 1) launch an EIFFE Prevention Program online continuing medical education (CME) course for medical professionals, 2) bring the EIFFE Prevention Program Legal into more communities, and 3) educate additional professional groups that routinely work with older Americans to recognize the signs of EIFFE in their clients.

The EIFFE Prevention Program educates medical and legal professionals through continuing education trainings to recognize when their older patients and clients may be vulnerable to or victims of financial abuse, particularly those patients with mild cognitive impairment, and then refers these at-risk clients to State Securities Regulators, local adult protective services professionals or for further screening or assistance as needed.

The EIFFE Prevention Program Medical was launched in 2008 as a partnership between IPT, IPI and Baylor College of Medicine and is now offered in 32 states. The new EIFFE Prevention Program online CME course will feature an accredited curriculum as well as additional resources, educational materials and video. Successful completion of the training will provide the medical professional with one CME credit in the ethics category.

Based on the success of the EIFFE Prevention Program Medical, IPT and IPI launched the EIFFE Prevention Program Legal in 2014 in partnership with the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Law and Aging to provide education to lawyers via continuing legal education (CLE) trainings. The pilot program is running in Iowa, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. In 2018, the EIFFE Prevention Program Legal will be rolled out across the country in partnership with IPT, IPI, ABA and State Securities Offices.

IPT and IPI will work with additional strategic partners to bring the EIFFE Prevention Program to more professional groups including pharmacists, social workers, financial planners and law enforcement.

“Through the EIFFE Prevention Program, we continue to educate elders, families and professionals in their communities on how to spot signs of elder fraud or financial exploitation before the scam happens,” said Don Blandin, President and CEO of IPT and IPI. “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is a great opportunity to share our EIFFE Prevention Program resources and learn what other organizations are doing to combat challenges so we can all work together in taking care of elders now and for future generations.”

In 2016, IPT conducted a survey which found that almost one of five Americans over the age of 65 (17 percent of nearly seven million seniors) have been taken advantage of financially in terms of an inappropriate investment, unreasonably high fees for financial services, or outright fraud. That percentage is down from an earlier EIFFE Prevention Program survey in 2010, which found that 20 percent of seniors had been victimized. The 2016 survey found other encouraging signs of improvement including successful efforts to involve doctors in spotting and reporting signs of financial exploitation of the elderly and concerted efforts gaining traction to educate elderly investors about investment schemes. “We are working to continue this trend so more elders and their support systems are informed and have the tools to protect themselves,” said Blandin. For survey summary and findings, visit

More information and downloadable publications are available on IPT’s EIFFE Prevention Program website at

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