Investor Education & Protection Program With $1,000 Prizes to Be Launched By Investor Protection Institute In Seven States & DC

Citizens in seven states and the District of Columbia (DC) are eligible to participate in an investor education and protection program and contest taking place at various times from April 1- October 31, 2017. The DASH for the STASH program is being launched by state securities agencies and the nonprofit Investor Protection Institute. The Investor Protection Institute will present the winners in each state and DC with a $1,000 prize to open or add to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) for 2017.

Along with the District of Columbia, the seven participating states are Alaska, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming. DASH for the STASH will be offered at public libraries, colleges, high schools, workplaces and community organizations in the participating states and DC. For the current list of DASH for the STASH locations, go online to

New in 2017 and running independently of the poster version of the contest held at participating locations, there will be a national online DASH for the STASH contest open to all members of the public including those participating in the state contests. The national online version runs for seven months from April 1st through October 31st and operates in a video game format. National participants will have the opportunity to compete in an online version of the DASH for a chance to win one of seven $150 IRA contributions. For more information, visit

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