Get Ready to DASH for the STASH!

You know that the Investor Protection Institute is always looking out for you—it’s what we do. And with our online resources, blog posts and twitter feeds, our goal is to educate you—the investor—no matter what stage of life, or investing, you are in. From experienced investors to newbies, we offer a range of information and education for every investor or investor-to-be. And now we are about to do you one better. It’s time for our fourth annual DASH for the STASH!

DASH for the STASH is a multi-State and online investor education and protection program and poster contest that arms investors with the unbiased and non-commercial information they need to make crucial investing decisions. The 2017 DASH for the STASH program runs from April 1–October 31, 2017.

DASH for the STASH is a fun way for participants to learn about investing and to possibly win a $1,000 or $150 contribution to an existing Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or for those new to investing, to open an IRA. In past years, only those living in a participating jurisdiction were eligible to participate, but this year we’ve taken DASH for the STASH national, and you can play two ways: in person at a participating location and everyone can play online! For all of you participating in person at a location near you, IPI will be awarding eight lucky winners—one from each participating jurisdiction—with an IRA contribution of $1,000. And for those of you playing online, seven lucky winners will win $150 towards an IRA. Participants can enter more than once (in person and online) but can only win one prize.

This year, those living in Alaska, the District of Columbia, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wyoming can play at a local library or other venue as listed here:

To participate in DASH at a location near you, visit a participating location and read the four educational posters – Financial Advisors, Investment Fees, Investor Fraud and Building a Nest Egg. Using the QR code on each poster, answer the quiz question associated with each poster using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or public computer at the participating location. A winner from each state, and the District of Columbia, will be randomly chosen from among the participants who answered all questions correctly by the close of each jurisdiction’s DASH program. Although DASH runs from April 1 through October 31, 2017 some jurisdictions have shortened participation periods, so be sure to check your jurisdiction’s program dates.

The online version of DASH is available at and the same rules apply. However, a winner will be randomly chosen each month, from April through October, from among the participants who answered all questions correctly. Everyone can find the full rules and regulations at:

Playing DASH for the STASH may be the best thing you can do for your financial life in 2017. At the very least, you’ll walk away more knowledgeable about investing and the components that create a healthy financial future. You may also be inspired to take additional steps to secure that future by finding an adviser or contributing more to your employer-sponsored 401k. At best, where else can you answer just four questions to win $150 or $1,000 towards an IRA to make that future just a little bit brighter?

To read more about DASH for the STASH, including eligibility requirements, visit: